During this two-day course/workshop you will learn how to write a Concept of Operations (ConOps) and Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA). It starts with the basics: the ConOps. During this course we provide you with templates to enable you to do your work more effectively. Although the course is primarily practical, it also covers the theory and background information about key SORA concepts. All SORA stages are covered: ARC, GRC, SAIL through to OSOs. The learning objectives include key SORA concepts, being able to write a ConOps and a SORA, and learning about the key choices and uncertainties.



For experienced UAS pilots, operators, consultants and businesses who need to write or understand SORAs.

You will benefit the most from this workshop if:

  1. You can fully understand a SORA. A SORA runs to approximately 60 pages.
  2. You are familiar with Operations manuals, or have completed an RPA-L or Specific course.


This course is given by Mark Hullegie, drone consultant and owner of Droneconsultancy.

Mark has over 20 years experience in aviation and has written many manuals and policy documents. Droneconsultancy, his consulting and support business, provides UAS operators with tailored advice, support and writing of documents such as: Operations Manual, SORA (Specific Operation Risk Assessment), PDRA (PreDefined Risk Assessment), STS (Standard Scenario) and ConOps (Concept of Operations).

Mark has written SORAs for Rijkswaterstaat, ILT and UAS operators and has been consulting in this field since 2017. He is a member of the UAS Expert group, and supports operators applying for permits for professional UAS operations (ConOps).


Day 1

We start the first day with an introduction and then cover the theory and write a ConOps based on the EU template. We will explain the most common terms used in this field, explain the structure of a SORA and consider how it relates to the Operations Manual. After that we look at a SORA in more detail, using the SORA template we provide. Your homework after the first day is to complete the SORA up to the section containing the OSOs.

Day 2

On the second day you can share experiences with the other course participants and ask the trainer questions about the SORA. After that we consider mitigating measures to reduce the risk class. In the afternoon of the second day we take a look at the OSOs which we need to complete the SORA. This will enable you to complete your SORA and use it when applying for an operating permit. Bonus: if you complete your SORA within a month of the course, the trainer can check it, free of charge, before you submit it to ILT.

Resources you receive:

  • ConOps and SORA template in Microsoft Word, in English.
  • The SORA you have written and can use when submitting an application to ILT.
  • SORA check by the trainer, within one month of the course.
  • Practical information.
  • EUR 850 excl. BTW/VAT per participant
  • 2 days (not consecutive as you will have homework to do)
  • Location: Vliegkamp Valkenburg, Katwijk (route)
  • Number of participants: from 4 to 10.
  • Free parking.
  • The Dutch Drone Academy provides lunch, coffee and tea.