To operate uncrewed aircraft (UAS) professionally you need to fulfil numerous requirements.  These relate to both the pilot and the business or organisation operating the UAS. Within the EASA Specific Category there are several options for submitting your application for the required permit to ILT. The Dutch Drone Academy offers a range of courses to ensure your pilots have both the required qualifications and the skills needed for your operations. The first step is to assess the envisaged UAS operations, then to select the most suitable type of uncrewed aircraft, and finally to determine what requirements your business will have to fulfil.

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To advise our customers about these issues we work closely with Droneconsultancy and Skytools. Skytools is also a hardware specialist and DJI Enterprise Dealer. After assessing your needs we can support you with the development of your PDRA, SORA, CON-OPS, OPS MANUAL* and other documentation – all perfectly tailored to your operations. DDA can help you identify the technical options and legal constraints, and train your pilots (based on a Personal Training Plan) so they fulfil the criteria defined by ILT. We always focus on the operations you want to undertake, and clearly defining the expectations on both sides.

* PDRA: Pre-Defined Risk Assessment, SORA: Specific (Category) Operations Risk Assessment, CON-OPS: Concept of Operations, OPS MANUAL: Operations Manual


More information? Please complete the contact form below and we will respond within 48 hours. We always follow an initial phone call up with an intake meeting to gather the information we need to quote for your project. If we need to train your pilots then the intake procedure will include a flying skills test to help us estimate the time required for the practical training sessions. An intake procedure normally takes around two hours and is charged at EUR 195, excl. BTW/VAT. This fee will be credited if you decide to engage the services of the Dutch Drone Academy or our partners.


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