During this one-day UAS mapping workshop you will learn about the theory and practice of mapping objects and buildings using a UAS fitted with a camera. The basics of photogrammetry, coordinate systems, GPS/GNSS, data processing, suitable UAS and cameras, are covered in several presentations, along with the deliverables required and the application of the resulting data. You will learn about key concepts such as accuracy, precision and resolution, and the possibilities and limitations of photogrammetry.


This workshop is aimed at professionals who are new to the field and want to learn the basics of mapping sites and objects using a UAS, and gain practical and theoretical knowledge. It is not aimed at professionals and students who have already gained significant UAS mapping experience. They may be interested in the three-day course given by Skytools.


This workshop is given in association with the Drone Survey School. Owner Pieter Franken has over 30 years experience mapping our environs, from the ground, water and air. In 2012 he founded Skeye (now Terra Drone Europe) and he has undertaken hundreds of surveying and inspection projects in the Netherlands and internationally, in settings from deserts to offshore platforms. He will contribute a wealth of practical information, tips and anecdotes which will help you avoid many of the mistakes made by novices to the industry.

During the practical part of the workshop we will fly a UAS and apply the data. This part is supported by Tim Burgmeijer, a talented UAS pilot with extensive experience of 3D mapping.



The workshop starts at 10.00 and ends at 17.00 During the day presentations are alternated with practical sessions to map a building or other object. As most workshop participants use DJI systems, the workshop is based on these UAS and their apps and flight modes. Parking, coffee, tea, soft drinks, lunch and lots of drones are included.

  • Price: EUR 395 excl. BTW/VAT per participant
  • Minimum number of participants: 5
  • Maximum number of participants: 10
  • Location: Hangar 1, Vliegkamp Valkenburg. Katwijk (NH)