Since 2012, Dutch Drone Academy has been active in the unmanned aviation sector. Initially as a UAS Operator, from 2014 as a UAS school and since 2016 as a publisher of UAS textbooks and tailor made UAS online learning management systems (LMS) for commercial companies and public schools (MBO). Dutch Drone Academy has collected numerous accreditations (NL-RTF-507/1, ROC:66/2018) throughout the past years. In addition, since the 21st of December 2020, Dutch Drone Academy has been designated by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management as a recognized European (EASA) training institute (publication government gazette: IENW/BSK-2020/247105). Since July 2021, also Belgian Drone Academy was successfully launched.

In 2021, already over 7,500 students successfully obtained their EASA Open Category certification via Dutch Drone Academy, mostly using the in house developed interactive online tool DroneWiser ( As organizer of the National Drone Seminar (, it is our mission to constantly provide relevant, understandable and accessible information to all UAS airspace users within the EU.

Dutch Drone Academy is a brand of European Drone Academy.

The team
(left 2 right, top down)

Mr. Godert van Vliet (ATPL)
UAS Instructor & UA Implementation Advisor

Mrs. Annefleur van Driessel
Planning, Back Office Management

Mr. Hans Bracke (RPA-L FI, STS-01)
UAS Instructor, Head of Finance, Author

Mr. Marcel van der Werff (RPA-L FI EVLOS, STS-01, RT)
Head of UAS Theory Training, Instructor, Examiner

Mr. Parcival I. Hofland (RPA-L FI, suspended)
Accountable Manager, Investor Relations, UA Implementation Advisor

Mr, Thomas Searle (RPA-L FI EVLOS, STS-01, RT, PPL)
Head of Practical Training, Instructor, Author, UAS Technician

Mr. Robin de Rooy (RPA-L)
Advisor UAS Vocational Education, Head of (UAS) LMS Development

Miss Amy de Jongh
Planning, Research, E-commerce

Mr. Robert van Hall
IT & Data Processing (examination results)

Mr. Rahman Syaifoel
Senior UAS Compliance Advisor, Author

Mr. Jeroen Habraken
Head of Online Representation, E-commerce and Design